Aziziye Restaurant

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18 November 2021

M D (Google Maps)

Restaurant deserves 10*.

Decor: exquisite. The room with floor seating are the most beautiful I've come across in Uk.

Atmosphere:  warm, welcoming, tranquil; delightful.

Music: traditional, just the right volume and harmonised with the experience.

Service: bespoke; staff are dressed neatly,they are friendly,  their service is formal, better than perfect.

Last but not least; The food: The Best Turkish Food in UK.

Meat is cooked just right, it is juicy, tender and aroma is incredible.

Their tea exactly suits the taste of oriental people.

Plus, the whole restaurant is top notch. Not only it is very clean, but built structure  and features are perfect (walls, partitions, frames, ceiling).You can't find ONE fault.

Washrooms are beautifully made and are spotless.

They also have good air conditioning.

Had the best restaurant experience in my life, and will be coming back many times.

Thank you Aziziye!


18 November 2021

Shakeel Joomun

Excellent halal Turkish food, huge portions clean family environment. Friendly staff will definitely re visit


18 November 2021

Charlie Hendry-Smith

What a lovely place! Lots of delicious food with plenty of complimentary bits!


18 November 2021

Maz K

Very nicefood, good variety of options and desserts! Also great if u wanna  pray as the mosque is just above!. The chips were perfectly fried. Iskender was full of flavour. Wouldn't recommended fish unless your bothered to take out fish bones.


18 November 2021

Haroon Asif

Family environment, Nice Halal food and excellent service...will definitely visit again.


18 November 2021

Sophia Akhtar

Food was so delicious. Osman was very helpful. The other staff went over and beyond to accommodate us. The service was efficient.. Would definitely visit again.